Remembering Peace

Peace isn’t easy. Peace comes at a price. Today is ANZAC Day where we remember the price paid for the peace we enjoy today. We can let ourselves be ruled by Mars, God of War. Be combative, difficult, rigid and judgemental; Embrace conflict and make aggression the first stop. Or we can remember that there is always another way. Let the Goddess of Peace in. Be flexible, assertive, willing to listen, and capable of change; Choose compassion and tolerance. It isn’t easy. It isn’t allowing bad behaviour, ¬†either. It’s about choosing peaceful ways of resolving conflict.

May we always remember the cost of our choices.


2017 – a year of new beginnings

In Numerology, 2017 is a universal ‘1’ year. A universal year number gives us a measure of how the whole world is travelling – you and me included. This is the beginning of a new cycle, a time to plant the seeds for new things to come. It is a time for fresh intentions and to prepare for the major changes to come in the next 9 year cycle.

2016 was a universal ‘9’ year – a time of endings – and we saw that in the number of huge creative souls that departed, many before their time, to make the space for the new to arise in 2017.

2017 is now a time to say hello, and welcome in the start of a new adventure as the cycle starts afresh. May the seeds you plant in this fresh new year, flourish and manifest into their full potential as you nurture them with your will and intent.

May the Goddess grant you vision, wisdom, determination and opportunity that you may, in turn, manifest joy, abundance and understanding in this year of new beginnings.

Happy New Year from the PAN Committee.