What to do if you are being harassed, threatened or intimated

This weekend, PAN hosted the third and final of its 21st anniversary Full Moon Rituals in Sydney. Unfortunately, the event was marred by a member of the public who wrongly concluded that we were Satanists and began to shout threats and obscenities at us. Fortunately, there is safety in numbers, and he soon walked away when he realised that we weren’t intimated by him. We also called the police for good measure. In light of this event, here are a list of safety precautions for dealing with aggressive and/or misinformed members of the public while going about your pagan business.

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Hiding in plain sight: charms

The Hiding In Plain Sight series of blog posts is designed for those who are not out of the broom closet and want a discrete way to practise their craft. This particular post will focus on how to wear charms and talismans in a way that does not scream ‘witch’. Please note: the companies and products mentioned in this post are listed for information purposes only. PAN does not have commercial agreements with any of these suppliers.

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Ritual or Spell?

What is the difference between a spell and a ritual? This question has been tickling my brain for weeks. A spell is an action that elicits an outcome or a change. A ritual is anything performed with intent. But a spell also needs intent to work, and a ritual can also elicit an outcome or a change.  So what is the difference?

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