We are always looking for fresh ideas and new faces to contribute to the growth of the Pagan Awareness Network.  Want to be involved?

Join the PAN Committee

What we have to offer

  • You will learn how to co-ordinate and run public events, small and large – these are skills that will serve you in the wider community if you want to go on to run events of your own (pagan or otherwise).
  • You will learn how a committee functions, how meetings work and how to work within a team – these are great work skills as well.
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of the wider community and how Pagans are perceived in the media.
  • Participate in interfaith activities

What we ask of you

  • Attend committee meetings on a Sunday afternoon once a month
  • Attend the PAN AGM once a year in November
  • Help reply to incoming emails
  • Share your ideas and inspiration to progress the goals of the Association and serve the Pagan Community
  • Participate (where you are available) in PAN activities, such as PAN stalls and information events, social and ritual gatherings

Committee Meetings for 2021

PAN members are welcome to attend committee meetings to see how the process works or to discuss an issue with us. Meetings are held on the Third Sunday of each month. Please contact us for the meeting address as the meetings occur at various locations around Sydney.