Hiding in plain sight: colour

The previous hiding in plain sight blog post was about how to wear pagan charms in a way that does not communicate your spiritual beliefs to the general public. This post will focus on how to add colour magick to your home and wardrobe life in a discrete way.



The easiest way to add colour magick to your everyday life is to add it to your outfit. Often, colour is reserved for magickal tools such as candles and crystals, but this removes them from everyday situations where you may need their influence. By deliberately wearing different colours for different occasions, you can call on the properties of each colour when you need them most.

Let’s say that you have to give a presentation and you want to clearly

Colour is not just for candles.

communicate your message. Yellow is said to enhance communication, so you may like to wear an item of yellow clothing when you make your presentation. As you’re getting dressed, take a moment to notice the item of clothing and remember why you will be wearing it today. Visualise how you want the day to go and what effect you want this colour to have on you. If you get nervous throughout the day, go back to this thought process and focus on the influence you want your chosen colour to have.



You can also choose your home décor with colour properties in mind. Think of what you use each room in your house for and what energies you want to attract into each space. Then, you can decorate each room with the colour that best represents these energies. For example, if you are having trouble sleeping, you may want to add some blue items to your bedroom as blue is said to promote tranquillity.

This does not mean that your entire bedroom needs to be covered in blue. It can be enough to have some blue bedsheets or some blue-themed art hanging on your walls. Before going to sleep, take a moment to focus on the blue items in your room and remember why they are there. Focus on the calming energies of this colour and let them work their magick on you (pun intended).



If you have an outdoor space, you can combine plant and colour magick by choosing plants for their own inherent medicinal qualities and their colours. Combining plant and colour magick may require a little more research as you will need to find plants which are suited to your climate and the level maintenance you are willing to undertake.

Combine colour and plant magick in the home.

If you would like to use plants for more than just decoration, there are two ways to go about this. Firstly, you can visit a garden centre to find plants of a certain colour and see which species would be best suited to your outdoor space. Secondly, you may like to look up the secret language of flowers and/or the magickal properties of plants and find a plant that best suits your needs around the home. Whichever option you choose (maybe both) remember to choose plants which are suited to your environment. You may even like to choose plants which are native to your region.


Suggested reading list

These are some additional texts which you may like to refer to for more knowledge about colour and plant magick. PAN does not have any commercial contracts with these authors or publishers and these books are listed as suggestions only.

The Secret Language of Colour by Joann Eckstut and Arielle Eckstut 2013, Hachette Books

Colour Magic for Beginners by Richard Webster 2012, Llewellyn Publications

The Secret language of Flowers by Samantha Gray 2015, Rayland Peters & Small

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National Geographic Guide to Medicinal Herbs by Rebecca L. Johnson, Steven Foster, Tieraona Low Dog, M.D et. al, 2012 National Geographic

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