Witches Spell It Out: Fletcher a Predator

PAN Media Release

Victoria’s Witch community is worried an Extended Supervision Order granted yesterday
won’t be enough to keep convicted sex-offender and self-proclaimed witch Robin Fletcher from re-offending.

“His crimes are the exact opposite of what witches practice,” Marian Dalton, Victorian Coordinator for the Pagan Awareness Network Incorporated said today. “One of the central beliefs of modern witches is the statement ‘Harm None’. Fletcher’s betrayed the most basic tenets of Wiccan belief – which makes him nothing more than a predator.”

Robin Fletcher was jailed in 1998 for sex offences against two teenage girls. He has consistently claimed that his Wiccan beliefs permitted his behaviour.

“No religion can justify rape,” Ms Dalton said. “His crimes are despicable. But the real worry is that he will soon be loose on our streets – we’re worried that he will start looking for vulnerable people to prey on.”

Ms Dalton urged young people involved in Wicca and Witchcraft to exercise caution when dealing with others. “Unfortunately there are predators in every community – the Pagan scene is no exception. Young people should always be careful when dealing with strangers, whether it is in a church youth-group, meditation circle or Pagan gathering.”

Ms Dalton added: “Fletcher should be locked up for life if he re-offends this time. Both the Pagan community and the general public should be made free of the menace that this man may pose.”

The Pagan Awareness Network Incorporated Australia (PAN Inc) is a not-for-profit educational association with members Australia-wide. It has no formal ties with any religious body, but works in a proactive fashion, both within the Pagan community and as a point of contact for the public, including government and media organisations.