10 years “Not Long Enough” For Jailed Witch

PAN Media Release

The Pagan Awareness Network Incorporated (PAN Inc) , an organization that represents Witches, Pagans, and other followers of nature-based religions, says that a ten-year sentence imposed on Robin Fletcher for raping two fifteen-year-old girls under the pretext of a witchcraft “initiation” was too lenient.

“Fletcher’s crimes are despicable,” PAN Inc Victorian Coordinator Marian Dalton said today. “No one in the Pagan community that I have spoken to wants to see him released from jail.”

Fletcher is due to be released from Ararat Prison in two weeks after serving his full sentence. Yesterday an Extended Supervision Order was granted restricting his movements after his release, due to fears he would re-offend.

Ms. Dalton stated that Fletcher did not represent the beliefs or practices of Witches and other
Pagans. “Every community has its predators,” she said. “The Pagan scene, sadly, is no exception. Fletcher doesn’t represent who we are or what we do – any more than pedophile priests represent the values and teachings of Christian churches.”

Fletcher also caused controversy behind bars: in 2004, he unsuccessfully tried to sue Corrections Victoria and the Salvation Army using Victoria’s controversial religious vilification laws.

“He’s made it that much harder for Pagans with genuine complaints to be taken seriously,” Ms. Dalton said. “He’s set back recognition and acceptance for our religion at least ten years – a day for every day he’s spent in prison. What is worse is the possibility he might re-offend.”

Fletcher’s parole was refused at least twice, after having been discovered advertising on the Internet as a “Master of the Dark Path” and seeking BDSM “slaves”.

“We hold grave concerns for anyone involving themselves with this individual. And we believe that if here-offends, he should be locked up for life,” Ms. Dalton said. “He’s done enough damage to Pagans as well as the wider community.”

The Pagan Awareness Network Incorporated Australia (PAN Inc) is a not-for-profit educational association with members Australia-wide. It has no formal ties with any religious body, but works in a proactive fashion, both within the Pagan community and as a point of contact for the public, including government and media organisations.