Proposed Release of notorious ‘pagan’ sex offender, Robyn Fletcher

PAN Media Release

The Pagan Awareness Network Incorporated (Australia) is closely monitoring the recent decision to release notorious sex offender Robyn Fletcher into the general population. Since 2006, Fletcher, who justified his crimes as his practice of Paganism, has been first in prison and then under supervision in a facility for paedophiles. On Wednesday the 10th of February 2017, a judge made an assessment that Fletcher did not pose an abnormal level of risk to the community and should be released. Following the announcement, the Victorian Department of Justice has successfully gained a stay on the decision, effectively detaining Fletcher until an appeal can be heard in the Supreme Court on the 16th of February.

PAN Inc. (Aust.) wishes to express our support of the appeal and continue our ongoing opposition to the release of Fletcher into the community. His previous behaviours are abhorrent and do not reflect the beliefs and practices of our diverse communities. We also believe that his ongoing refusal to express remorse for his crimes poses a potential danger to the Pagan community and possibly the wider community, as well as the public perception of our community not only in Australia but the world. We stand in solidarity with the surviving victim of his crimes, and the families of both girls at this time.

We would also like to acknowledge the positive role of the media who have reported factually on the issues. At this point, the Association has not been contacted for comment.
The most current report by the Herald Sun can be found here…/45b9e5c8e6c3c4d92316873f3d360…

We support the Pagan Collective of Victoria, who have issued a public statement, undersigned by members of the community, that condemns Fletcher and his association with Paganism in Australia. You can find the statement here.…/robin-fletcher-a-statement-f…/

PAN Inc. (Aust.) will continue to monitor the situation closely, including the decision itself and any media reports on the issue. We will keep providing updates to the community as they become available.

An information document to educate newcomers on basic personal safety and their rights within the Pagan community is available on our website via the link below. It also gives advice on what to do if you witness, or become the victim of, illegal or unethical behaviour.
Safety in the Circle flyer –…/…/PAN_pamphlet_safety.pdf

Michelle Claire White
Media Officer

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