Magician pleads guilty

Magician pleads guilty to unlawful death of autistic boy left to freeze in shed- SMH

6th February 2016, 8:30 AEDST

Original news article published 05/02/2015

The Pagan Awareness Network Incorporated (PAN Inc.) wishes to express its concern that the main focus of this article, the terrible abuse and subsequent death of an innocent 11-year-old boy, has to be reported in such a sensational way. The current trend of the media putting a religious spin on every article it can, is not conducive to a multicultural society.

“Why does the Australian media persist in adding the accused person’s religion to reports on horrible crimes, especially if they are from a minority group? Spiritual belief, self-styled or otherwise, is irrelevant in a report where a child has died. If you can not reach your word limit for your article then supply useful information like: if you know of a child who is in danger call the Police on 000 or contact Family and Community Services on 132111.” David Garland, President of the Pagan Awareness Network Inc.

Violence of any type is neither tolerated nor condoned by the Pagan community. PAN inc. on all contact encourages working with the relevant authorities.

PAN Inc. is a not-for-profit educational association with members Australia-wide.

PAN Inc. aims to: Correct misinformation, raise awareness and educate the general public about Paganism and associated beliefs and practises in order to achieve religious tolerance, and foster the growth of the Pagan community through service.

CONTACT: David Garland
President – Pagan Awareness Network Incorporated

The Pagan Awareness Network Incorporated Australia (PAN Inc) is a not-for-profit educational association with members Australia-wide. It has no formal ties with any religious body, but works in a proactive fashion, both within the Pagan community and as a point of contact for the public, including government and media organisations.