PAN Media Release Archive

  • There is absolutely no Wiccan spell, ritual, or tradition that calls for one person to hypnotise another and then take advantage of them, and there is certainly no excuse, support, or justification for Fletcher’s crimes within the Wiccan faith.

  • PAN Inc. (Aust.) wishes to express our support of the appeal and continue our ongoing opposition to the release of Fletcher into the community. His previous behaviours are abhorrent and do not reflect the beliefs and practices of our diverse communities.

  • Spiritual belief, self-styled or otherwise, is irrelevant in a report where a child has died.

  • "Modern witches in the West don't go around killing children," Mr Garland said. "And Christians don't go around burning witches and heretics at the stake any more. We've closed the book on all that. What we hope is that with better access to health and education, and increasing equality between men and women, impoverished communities in places like India and Africa can move on from such tragic circumstances."

  • Mr Garland said: "We are hoping for a strong condemnation from churches all around the globe, but whether we get it is another matter – so far it seems as if African children are not worth protecting."