Spirit of Albion : The Movie

There is a whisper on the wind, a sound in the woodland . . . the old gods have not abandoned you.

On Damh the Bard’s recent tour of Australia, The Pagan Awareness Network (PAN) learnt of the production of a set of Damh’s songs into a feature film.

PAN’s committee has been monitoring the progress of the production via the Website, Facebook and Youtube and are very excited about the project.

At a recent committee meeting, PAN has decided to donate £100 ($161 AUD) to the film, we ask you, our members and followers on Facebook to help out as well if you can. As such PAN is hosting our own supporters page for the Spirit of Albion.

Below is a letter to supporters from The Spirit of Albion: The Movie’s Producer, Julianne Honey-Mennal

. . . I can’t tell you how excited we all are to be a part of it. Many people are giving their, time, their effort and their expertise to help Gary (the director) craft a beautiful film that we hope will signal a new dawn of films, made by pagans, for pagans, about the things that we hold most dear. 
The Spirit of Albion is truly a community effort, it was born from an idea that Gary had whilst working with his young actors, they ran with it, visualised the eventual stage play, and from this came the idea of making it into a film. This is where you come in. We want to keep it in the community and have as many people as possible involved.  For some this is their time and skills, but for others the best way you can help us manifest the best film we can is to give your financial support. Any amount you give will be gratefully received and you will have a credit on the film – our way of thanking you and keeping you a part of this very special project. We have structured some ‘thank you’ packages (see below) with some very special and unique things as a reward for your support. 
All money invested by supporters of the film will go into a unique account and will be used only to defray costs from the film. Any left over will be used as seed money to start the next project. We hope that in the years to come we will be able to continue making pagan films, getting ideas, inspiration and help from the pagan community, and truly show The Old Ones that we are there, that we are listening to those whispers on the wind, and that we want to share them once again, in a whole new way. 
Bright blessings to you all,
Julianne Honey-Mennal
Co-Producer for ‘The Spirit of Albion’ and long-time Damh the Bard fan.

Spirit Of Albion Supporter ‘Thank You’ Packages

Donate between £10 and £49 and you will receive a ‘Friends Of Albion’ credit on the film, and will be listed as a Supporter on the Spirit of Albion Facebook page.

As a point of difference if you donate via the PAN website to the Spirit of Albion : The Movie, your credit will be grouped with others donated via the PAN site and placed under a Pagan Awareness Network Inc. Australia heading.

PAN will investigate Australian screenings in and around Australian capital cities when the film is finished. If you donate via the PAN page, you will be amongst the first the receive an invite to these screenings.

A donation between £50 and £99 means you will get the above credits, plus –

  • A signed copy of the shooting script
  • A ‘bag for life’ with the S.O.A logo
  • A poster signed by the S.O.A cast and Damh The Bard

Make a donation of £100 or more and you will receive all the above, but also –

  • A copy of the finished film on DVD
  • A signed, limited edition Cerri Lee print of a specially commissioned Spirit of Albion image
  • You will also be entered into a prize draw with a very special Prize (details to follow)

Please note that your will be donating to the production company Ego Trip Media Ltd, and not to the Pagan Awareness Network directly.