Danny Nalliah’s witch hunt is off the mark.

PAN Media Release

Pastor Danny Nalliah’s call for Christians from around Australia to gather at Mt Ainslie on October 17th, 2009 is a good old-fashioned witch-hunt.

That’s the view of the Pagan Awareness Network, an association that represents witches, Pagans, and other followers of nature-based religions in Australia.

“We’re wondering if we’ll see pitchforks and flaming torches at this event,” Pagan Awareness Network President David Garland said today.

Pastor Danny Nalliah continues to allege that a ‘witch’s coven’ is conducting blood sacrifices at Mt Ainslie in Canberra. He has called on Christians to engage in what he terms ‘spiritual warfare’, and claims that witches ‘are cursing the Federal Parliament’.

“Mr Nalliah will be held legally accountable if he incites violence or intimidation towards other religious communities,” Mr Garland said. “His attention-seeking behaviour is just crass, but his attempts to whip up a mob are cause for genuine concern – people labelled ‘witches’ used to be burnt at the stake. If Mr Nalliah wants to incite that kind of mood, he will be held responsible for the actions of his followers.”

Mr Garland poured cold water on the allegations of animal sacrifice. “Modern witchcraft is a nature-based religion, and the idea that witches condone or practice cruelty to animals is highly offensive.”

Pastor Danny Nalliah has a history of vilifying other faith communities. His last brush with notoriety saw him claim that the Black Saturday fires which devastated parts of Victoria this year were God’s judgement for Victoria’s abortion laws.

Local Canberra residents who have seen the stained concrete slab in question have a different explanation – that the stains are the result of spilled soft-drink.

So there’s no truth in the allegation that witches are laying curses on Canberra politicians? “Only around tax-time, along with every other Australian,” Mr Garland replied.


David Garland
PAN Inc President

PAN Inc Media Officer

The Pagan Awareness Network Incorporated Australia (PAN Inc) is a not-for-profit educational association with members Australia-wide. It has no formal ties with any religious body, but works in a proactive fashion, both within the Pagan community and as a point of contact for the public, including government and media organisations.