How do I join the Members Only Facebook Page?

We all love Facebook! PAN has three Facebook Pages – here is what you can do to keep connected with us:

  1. SEND A FRIEND REQUEST to PAN PIPES with a message to add you to the Member’s Facebook Page. That is where we share discussions, post about what the PAN committee has been up to, and run polls to find out how we can serve our member’s and our community better. We also share Events there (both for PAN and the wider Australian Community). It’s a quirk of Facebook that we have to be ‘friends’ before we can add you to this secret group.
  2. LIKE the PAN Facebook Profile Page. This is where we announce our Media Releases and important public information about the Association.
  3. JOIN the PAN Announcements Page. This is an announcements-only group where we post events only. This is an advertising page that will help you keep in touch with what’s on.

You can do just one, or all three.

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