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Media Releases

  • Witch Placard At Carbon Tax Protest? What’s A Real Witch To Do?

    "Pagans, witches, and followers of other nature-based faiths vote across the political spectrum," Pagan Awareness Network President David Garland said today. "Our Association isn't interested in weighing into the politics, but dubbing a woman in a position of power as a ‘witch’ is cliched, stupid and offensive."

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  • Ballan Autumn Festival or Medieval Drama?

    "We want to know if flaming torches and pitchforks will form part of the festivities," Pagan Awareness Network President David Garland said today. "Not a day after the Human Rights Commission released a report highlighting the serious discrimination faced by pagans and followers of alternative beliefs in Australia, we are given an example of how it happens."

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  • Who doesn’’t want teens forming committed relationships?…

    The Australian Family Association has called a teenage couple’s plans for a commitment ceremony early next month ‘deplorable’.

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  • Fred Nile threatens teen couple’’s special day

    Reverend Fred Nile was quoted today as saying: ”(Handfasting) can’t be in any way acknowledged by the state and should not be listed as a genuine wedding. Our party will do what it can to stop pagan weddings and witchcraft or Wicca activities.’’

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  • Halloween newsflash:– Tips for safe trick-or-treating

    "Witches and Pagans know a lot about trick or treating, and how to do it safely," PAN President David Garland said today. "There are a few simple tips everyone can follow so that children stay safe and have fun."

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Pagans in the Media

  • NZ Herald

    Australia a nation of intolerance: report

    Some 30,000 Australians call themselves pagans, and the Pagan Awareness Network says it has "faced an uphill battle in its attempts to be included in interfaith initiatives".

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  • ABC Radio National

    Pagans Among Us

    Paganism has been around in one form or another for centuries. But contemporary paganism has both ancient and modern roots, and while it resonates with current concerns around ecology and the environment, it also poses some profound challenges to basic assumptions about Western culture.

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  • The Courier Mail

    Pagan teens to wed for a year and a day

    A TEENAGE couple will jump through fire and be bound together by rope to show their love as part of a ceremony that dates back to ancient times.

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  • SMH 10 March 2010

    Pagans stake claim to sacred site

    Full moon holds special reverence, signifying divine feminine influence or heralding a time of enchantment when the universe can allegedly refuse no mortal requests.

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  • COG Interfaith Reports

    Monday, Dec. 7, 4:30pm at the 2009 Parliament in Melbourne – “Pagans and Religious Freedom” & the Tabebe story

    PAN and other groups have been working on a “Pagan dash” campaign, urging Pagans to list their religion in the national census as “Pagan – Witch” or “Pagan – Heathen” , etc., so the government counts all these groups as one large population instead on many small ones.

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