Whether you’re new to Paganism and would like to get an idea of how a circle casting works, or a long time Pagan wanting to work with others, these circles are a perfect place to meet people, get involved with your local community, learn and have a good time.

Full Moon Sydney

The Pagan Awareness Network Public Full Moon Ritual is PAN’s keystone event. It was started by David Garland in March 1997, shortly before PAN was officially formed, and has been running continuously since. The rituals are simple and family-friendly. Beginners are welcome.

Arrive at 8:15pm for an 8:30pm start.

Come and meet us on the Hill at Seven Hills, right near the train station.

Please see our events page for the calendar of dates. Here is a summary of dates for 2024

  • 26 Jan
  • 24 Feb
  • 25 March
  • 24 April
  • 23 May
  • 22 Jun
  • 21 Jul
  • 20 Aug
  • 18 Sep
  • 17 Oct
  • 16 Nov
  • 15 Dec
The circles promote greater understanding about what Witches do in their circles. By championing these circles, PAN helps to show the wider community what Paganism is all about.

These circles provide a safe and friendly networking environment for those wishing to make contact with other like minded people in the Pagan community.
PAN's full moon circles are covered by the association’s public liability insurance and run by a dedicated team of volunteers. The Full Moon Circles are self funding. Tools for the circles including lanterns and food come from the donations made at each circle. Without the association and its insurance, as well as the support of our regular participants, PAN's public circles would cease.
It varies from month to month, but rest assured that you will never be asked to do anything you don't want to. Participation is purely optional and you may respectfully watch from outside the circle if you do not wish to join in. Our circles, although reasonably tradition non-specific, include basic circle casting, meditation, group energy work and the all important sharing of food and drink.
Anyone can attend! This is a family-friendly event. We only ask that you are respectful and considerate others...and you can expect the same in return.
Volunteers from working covens and groups, and members of the PAN committee come forward to plan and lead each circle.
All levels of expertise are welcome from the most nervous beginner to the experienced practitioner. Let us support and guide you, if you need it, to run public rituals.

Ritual hosts are free to bring their own traditions, skills and flair to the rituals they present, showcasing the unique diversity of our community.

This is a great way to learn new skills and get involved in the local community. If you want to do something positive with your spare time, contact us.

I want to attend. What else do I need to know?

We use a fairly generic circle structure. The ritual may change to incorporate different seasonal aspects or to showcase a particular tradition or practice but the basic structure should be familiar to most practicing Pagans.

A rough outline is as follows:
  • People start to arrive. The host will be there to welcome participants and may offer simple roles to those who wish a more active part in the ritual.
  • The host will gather everyone and go through a quick run down of the ritual and talk about any other pertinent information
  • Participants enter the ritual area
  • The area is ritually cleansed
  • The Circle is cast
  • The Quarters are called
  • The Goddess and God are welcomed
  • A ritual working will be performed. This may take the form of chanting, dancing, group spell work or meditation.
  • Cakes and Ale are blessed and shared
  • The Quarters, the Goddess and the God are farewelled
  • The Circle is opened
  • Announcements are made and people chat and asks any questions they may have.
  • Only yourself. Some people like to bring something to share during cakes and ale or volunteer to help with quarters. These contributions are always welcome.
    We have a basket for people to contribute a few coins towards buying cookies, juice, candles, lantern oil and so on. Your small donation is welcome but by no means compulsory.
    Dress however you wish.
    Keep in mind the ritual is outside so dress for the weather of the day. People generally keep their shoes on to avoid spiky weeds or sticks. Consider insect repellent for the warmer months. You will generally see a mixture of street clothes and fancy robes so wear what ever you feel most comfortable in. The ritual is public and family-friendly. There is no nudity.
    It can be a serious legal problem if you do so we'd rather you didn't. Please read our information brochure on sacred knives.
    Certainly. There a lots of good spots to sit outside the circle. Please bring something to sit on in damp weather, and keep noise to a minimum.
    Only if you obtain the permission of the people you are photographing. Before you start taking photos, please see the person leading the ritual and they will help you out.
    As it is a public ritual you are most welcome to come, but we do ask that you contact us first. We have a media officer who can help you out with your enquiries and notify the ritual host of your visit. We ask that you do not video, photograph or record any of the participants without first obtaining their permission to do so.
    The normal circle is fairly child-friendly so there will usually be no problems with including them in the Circle. However, please be conscious of the experience of other participants if your children are very young. Children who can understand, follow directions, and participate at a basic level are very welcome.
    The ritual starts at 8:30pm. Please arrive fifteen minutes early to enable us to start on time. As the ritual often falls on a week night we want make sure people can get home as early as possible.
    The Circle has been rained on before, and it went ahead under umbrellas. The ritual host will always be there no matter the weather, to lead the Circle for anyone who comes - rain, hail or shine.
    If you have any dietary requirements or allergies that may be a problem please ask the hosts and they will tell you what is in the cakes and ale or other items. Feel free to bring alternatives with you, they will be cheerfully incorporated.
    That's about it! Introduce yourself when you arrive, even if only to the host who will make you feel welcome. Any questions or problems should be raised with the host.
    Alcohol and illegal drugs are not allowed on the Hill and if you are drunk or obviously out of it you may be asked to sit outside the circle.

    Please listen carefully to the pre-ritual prep as that is where all the important information for each ritual is outlined. Have fun!

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