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The Small Tapestry

The Small Tapestry is our quarterly member’s magazine, containing material submitted by both PAN members and people from the wider pagan community. PAN publishes this information-packed publication for our members four times a year as part of their membership.

Our publisher and contributors use their various skills in production, editing, writing, reviewing and artistic talent to put together a purely pagan-oriented magazine. The collection of original articles, poetry, artwork, reviews and research combines to educate, inform, inspire and entertain our members.

The Small Tapestry also contains our list of PFB’s (PAN Friendly Businesses) and Pagan Events across Australia to help Pagans network within their local community.

What sort of articles does the Tapestry accept?

We accept any original pagan-flavoured submissions in the form of:

  • articles – informative, research, or exploratory
  • book reviews
  • event reviews
  • short stories
  • photography
  • artwork
  • poetry
  • meditation/pathworking
  • God/Goddess
  • personal experiences
  • rituals and spellcraft
  • your favourite sabbat recipe

Or if you don’t feel up to an article, you can write a Letter to the Editor about current affairs that impact the pagan community.

How do I submit an article?

Contributions or enquiries can be emailed or posted to PO Box 30 Casula Mall NSW 2170.

Documents can be PDF or Word format. Artwork and photographs are preferred as JPG or PNG. Please send original size photos (i.e. don’t make them smaller for sending). All graphics submitted to the Small Tapestry, must be original works (art or photography) and of print quality (A5 size and at least 300dpi resolution).

Submission Deadlines

Autumn deadline is February 7, publication (postal) date is 1 March
Winter deadline is May 7, publication (postal) date is 1 June
Spring deadline is August 7, publication (postal) date is 1 September
Summer deadline is November 7, publication (postal) date is 1 December

Advertising Costs

These costs are applicable to non-member advertisers. For free advertising consider joining PAN.

Advertisement Size Single Entry Annual
(4 issues)
Inside front or back cover (Full colour):
1/4 A5 page
9.25cm x 6.15cm
1/2 A5
9.25cm X 12.8cm
Full A5 page
19.0cm X 12.8cm
Internal B&W:
1/4 A5 page
9.25cm x 6.15cm
1/2 A5 page
9.25cm X 12.8cm