PAN Media Release Archive

  • "We are not interested in converting anyone to our beliefs. The issue for us is simply equity: we think it is fair that we have the same acceptance within the broader community as everyone else. We hope this report will highlight some of the very real issues our community faces."

  • "The media has done its best to put Ms De Avalon on trial in the court of public opinion for her beliefs as well as her actions. I doubt they would bother if she were a Catholic or a Hindu or practically any other religion. What is the big deal about practicing an indigenous European belief like witchcraft? When it comes to the law, people's actions are what matter."

  • "We're making sure the Association complies with or exceeds the expectations of the various state laws that operate around Australia," PAN President David Garland said today. "We run and provide support for many events around Australia for followers of Pagan and nature-based religions. Some of these events cater for families and are open to under-18s. This is an area where we have to get it right."

  • Sunday night on Channel 7 sees Temperance Brennan and FBI agent Booth face one of their strangest cases: an investigation into the mysterious world of Wicca and witchcraft. But have the writers and producers of the hit show ‘Bones’ got their facts straight?

  • "The word is derived from 'Eostre', who was the Germanic goddess of the springtime," PAN President David Garland said today. "Her festival celebrated the return of life and growth to the land with the passing of winter."