Pagans, Paganism and PAN in the Media

  • Technovore 21 January 2017

    This link is to an interview with Michelle Claire White, she is the media front for the Pagan Awareness Network who is doing all they can in Australia to have paganistic beliefs become less stigmatized and more accessible safely, she also touches on her Wiccan beliefs.

  • Woman's Day Magazine via

    Witches honour nature as sacred, recognise the masculine and feminine side of god and do rituals and spells to empower, help and heal. It is the fastest growing religion in Australia – but still the most misunderstood. By Serene Conneeley.

  • SMH 20 June 2014

    As pagans, we feel it’s really important to be connected to the earth’s cycles so that we can help to heal the land and our relationships with the land.

  • The Examiner

    Mr Garland said pagans, in all their various forms, had a strong affinity with nature. "Basic pagan tenants are that the sun goes up, the moon goes down, it becomes a full moon and we have the high tides - these things are all indisputable, and have been throughout human history. These were the things that pagans lived by," Mr Garland said.

  • Newcastle Herald

    The Pagan Awareness Network, of which Mr Hepworth is vice-president, is urging its many and diverse faith paths - which include Druidism, Shamanism and Lesbian Feminist Goddess Worship - to nominate paganism as their religious category in this year's census.