The National Committee

All members of the committee, subcommittees and project organisers are volunteers who donate their time, skills, and energy to further the mission of the association and to try and make our community better for all of us.

David Garland
President, Media & Interfaith Officer
David is the founder of PAN Inc. He started the public full moon circles in Sydney's Seven Hills that have run continuously since 1997. Although raised a Roman Catholic and an altar boy at the Church until age 14, he found that, after a discussion with the priest about graven images and idol worship, this was not the place for him.

His Italian Grandmother, who read playing cards, first sparked his interest in Tarot and things magickal. David has been practising earth-based magick since 1986, as a healer, Tarot reader, and psychic, and leading to his formal Gardnerian Wiccan training.

David has been President of PAN since he founded it in 1997.
Pete Christie
Vice President & Diversity Officer
Learning and practicing Sharmanistic styles of healing and energy workings as a child, Pete has been involved in magic, energy movement and healing most of his life. A touchstone of this path culminated in 2011 with his initiation as a Reiki Grand Master (Master Usui Reiki, Master Karuna Reiki, Master Tibetan Reiki) while living in Vashisht, a small village in the Indian Himalayas.

Pete has conducted many public and private rituals with Ostarian Grove and The Circle Of The Cross Roads and his private practices include Family Vodu, Chaos Majick, and Sharmanistic works.

Pete holds a B.A. - Psychology and PGDip Social Health (Psych).

Pete joined the Committee in 2012 as Events Coordinator and has served as Vice President since 2013.
Bec Hearne

Bec was born and raised in South-West Sydney in a predominantly Catholic household. From the age of 16, Bec has been drawn to the Metaphysical, Paranormal, Spiritual-based paths, Witchcraft and Paganism. Learning, experiencing and practicing as a Solitary Pagan Witch for many years. Had attended a number Spiritual development circles, Full moon circles, energy healing workshops, etc over 20 years.
Even though Bec doesn't currently follow any particular Tradition of Witchcraft, she has felt the pull and developed a interest and thirst for knowledge in Wicca, Celtic and Nordic Pagan paths, because of her links to her Celtic and Nordic Ancestry. Bec also has interests in Aboriginal Spirituality and identifies as a proud Australian Aboriginal Wiradjuri woman through her blood connections to Wiradjuri Mob from Mudgee.

Bec had her online business 'Wicca'd Star Dream' showcasing a range of Spiritual, Metaphysical and Pagan items at market fairs and expos for a couple of years and is a PAN-friendly business.

Bec is currently working as a Funeral Director's assistant and Funeral Celebrant. She is also currently training to become a Civil Marriage Celebrant in hopes to be of service for her community **Watch this space by end of 2020**

Since joining the PAN Committee, Bec has volunteered to conduct a handful Full Moon rituals at Seven Hills and has served as Treasurer since 2018.

Charlotte, or Charli for short, is an eclectic and somewhat eccentric Wiccan. They have been practising witchcraft since 2016. They were raised a Christian, however they never found their spiritual belonging in Christianity. From a young age Charli has found themselves attracted towards witchcraft. Charli has a keen interest in history (especially that of various pagan beliefs and cultures) and is somewhat of an activist for people with a disability and the LGBTQI community.
Karen Rolls
Events Coordinator
Karen is an eclectic pagan witch that errs on the side of earth magic. Her journey continues to one of learning. She started her journey at the age of 10 with her first vision while sitting under a willow tree. She is currently an Event Manager and looks forward to supporting the PAN committee to deliver some wonderful events.
Janine Donellan
Summon & Sell Coordinator
Lucas Garland
Lucas, who was raised around many types of magick is an eclectic witch, who dabbles in Wicca, Reiki and Tarot reading.

He started his path formally at the age of 12 and hasn't looked back since, always looking to learn new things and how to apply them to everyday life. Lucas Joined pan in 2019 and has managed the website since.
Adrianne Harris
Tapestry Editor
Dawn Whitten
General Committee
Dawn, also known as Gaia of the Dark Moon, is an artist, intuitive and eclectic witch who lives, works and studies by the old ways, with a deep reverence for nature. Originally from Salem Massachusetts, Gaia brings her unique brand of the craft to Sydney as owner of Dark Moon Healing Art -Sydney. She runs intuitive art workshops, rituals and meditation circles She has a particular fondness for plant magick, creating unique incenses and potions.
Vincent Coles
General Committee
Vincent is a recent convert to Paganism after growing disgusted with the misogyny and hypocrisy he'd witnessed in the Catholic Church. His belief system can be best described as eclectic, but tends to worship the Nordic goddess Freya the most. Vincent is a strong believer in individual freedom and has respect for those of differing beliefs and hopes to aid others in achieving this.
Katrina Keshishian
General Committee
Kat is an eclectic Witch who believes in growing the Pagan Community and ensuring a safe space for all Witches and Magickal folk to learn and grow.

She is also especially drawn to Ancient Egypt and works closely with the Goddesses and Gods from its pantheon.
Mara Carter
General Committee
Mara has been a practising Witch since 1998 through her encounter with the Australian Druid community. Later she joined an Alexandrian Coven run by the late Carole Chapman. Carole was well-respected in the Witchcraft community, having been herself initiated into the Alexandrian Wiccan tradition by Alex Sanders.

As an initiated Priestess, Mara later became a teacher for Carole’s Golden Zenith coven. With some 20 years experience Mara has gone on to run her own Alexandrian Wiccan coven.

Mara has appeared in several TV and print media interviews. She regularly gives talks for schools and runs workshops for the Sydney community
Ryan Rolls
General Committee

Thank you Veronica Scoot for the fabrication of this website and the metamorphosis of the Small Tapestry 2018.
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