Journey of the Seeker: Exploring the archetypes of the Tarot – The Tower

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Date(s) - 14/04/2018
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

The Meditation Space


The Path of the seeker- Exploring the archetypes of the Tarot
Hosted by Michelle Claire White from Seekingspirit
16- The Tower
Session 17 of 22

The Tower teaches us the lessons of dealing with sudden unexpected change in our lives and how to overcome any spiritual obstacles that lie in our path. As a symbol of the ego and the collective consciousness it is an archetype that helps us to understand the structures that we build to protect ourselves and keep us safe from harm. Working with the tower allows us to examine these structures and see how our ego creates edifices on shaky foundations that need to be dismantled piece by piece. By looking at our core beliefs and values and opening ourselves to the lightning bolt of revelatory experiences we see the truth of who and what we are so we can be free

This the 17th in a series of workshops where we follow the path of the Fool through the major arcana. Each session is an experiential process that uses a combination of guided meditations, trance vision journeys, group discussion and creative processes to help you make a personal connection with the Tarot, bringing its magick and lessons into your everyday life. It is an open space where you can drop in at any point to any session you feel drawn to work with. The sessions are collective and collaborative learning spaces so they are suitable for everyone from beginners to tarot experts.

What to bring-
A deck of tarot cards, journal and a pen
Tea and coffee provided

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