As part of our community building initiative, we launched our online Directory for any pagan-related business, coven, group, product, or service to get noticed by the Pagan community. Summon and Sell allows you to summon new customers through our advertising channels, sell them your wares and services, or get them involved in your groups and workshops.

Why join Summon & Sell?

What does PAN do for Crafts People?

In recognition of the fact that skilled crafts people provide a valuable and rare service to our community, PAN may, in addition run a profile story in our newsletter on any contributors that offer skilled or custom craft work.

What are my options?

Package Annual cost What you get each year
Basic FREE · online business directory listing
Total $25.00 · online business directory listing
· A feature article in The Small Tapestry magazine.
· Two blog posts on the PAN website blog.
· A ½ A5 ad in The Small Tapestry
· Advertising on the PAN Announcements Group and Member-only group

How do I sign up?

PAN Members

Simply create a listing and choose between the Basic (free) option or the Total (paid) option. You will need to be logged in to the website to add your listing.


You will need a registrations – so head over to the memberships page and pick up either a free registration or paid membership. Once you are logged in, simply create a listing and choose between the Basic (free) option or the Total (paid) option.

After I sign up

Don’t forget to send your advertisement artwork for both half-A5 and quarter-A5 in both colour and B&W for inclusion in the Small Tapestry.

Please contact our PFB Liaison Officer with any questions.

Download our printable brochure about the Summon & Sell Network