Working with rainwater

Rainwater is a free and versatile utensil which can be used on its own or blended with other magical ingredients. Rainwater is most commonly associated with new beginnings, cleanliness and purification. As such, it can be used to achieve these ends or as a pure, blank canvas which can be infused with any intention you desire.  Below are a few simple suggestions for incorporating rainwater into your practice.

First, you need to collect the rainwater which should be a straight forward process. Simply place a container out in the open on a rainy day and wait for the rain to collect. If you have a sheltered balcony or backyard and cannot collect the rainwater directly, you have two options: you can either collect the water from a puddle, or use bottled water. If you are collecting water from a puddle, it is recommended that you look for puddles in a natural setting such a park in order to minimise the number of potential contaminants such as oils and petrol. If you decide to use bottled water, select a brand which has minimal additives. Once you have your rainwater, there are a number of different ways you can use it.


Program your water
Collecting rainwater among the flowers.

Think of rainwater as a blank slate, like a crystal that was been purified. You can infuse it with whatever thought or quality you like. You can do this either with thoughts alone or by adding something to the water.

If you’re using thoughts alone, simply hold the container of water in your hands and set your intention. Have a clear idea of what you want this water to achieve and visualise this thought being transmitted through your hands to the water. You may like to lightly touch the water with your hands so as to have direct contact as you do this.

If you would like to infuse the water with an object such as a crystal, herb or oil, simply add these to the water. Again, think of what you will use this water for, and infuse it with items that have the appropriate correspondence.

You can now use your charged rainwater to anoint people or objects, create a magical barrier, cleanse, or infuse an item.


Cleansing spaces

You can use rainwater to clear a space of any unwanted energies. In this case, you can either use pure, unprogrammed rainwater as a symbol of cleanliness, or you can program it first with positive energies. First, clean the space physically to rid it of any physical cobwebs and then sprinkle a little rainwater throughout the space to purify any stale energy. You could even include this as the final step when cleaning your home.


Cleansing self

Rainwater can also be used to cleanse yourself of illness, unwanted thoughts and to help you let go of the past. All you need to do is collect rainwater in a bowl and pour this over yourself as part of your hygiene ritual. Feel the water run over you and imagine it washing away anything that is unwanted such as insecurities, other people’s expectations of you or past experiences. Envision these things being washed away like dirt. They no longer cling to you and no longer limit you.

You may also like to drink some of the rainwater to symbolically cleanse yourself from the inside but please note: this is a suggestion only. You need to decide for yourself if the rainwater you have collected is safe to drink. It is not recommended that you drink any rainwater which may have debris in it or which you have infused with essential oils.


Attract something new
Collecting even more water among the flowers.

As mentioned above, pure rainwater is a symbol of new beginnings and new possibilities. Just as plants need water to grow, you too can harness the power of rainwater to grow in a new direction. Envision what it is that you want to attract into your life and sprinkle a little rainwater over your head. Feel the tangible rain drops land on you. Focus on their temperature, their weight and their multitude. Feel these very real drops of water and imagine the change you want manifesting itself just as tangibly in your near future.


A final word

Remember that the most important ingredient in any spell or ritual is your intention. For any magic to work, you have to believe that it will work. Set your intention and concentrate as you’re working your magic (no pun intended).  Your spell is unlikely to work if you attempt it half-heartedly.

Finally, don’t be afraid to manifest change for yourself. Think of magic as that little extra boost to get you over the line: kind of like having an energy drink to help you stay up and finish a project on time. The energy drink will keep you awake for longer, but it won’t do the work for you. Likewise, magic can help create some good possibilities for you, but it is up to you to capitalise on them.

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