Out with the old, in with the new year Part 1

Many people think of the new year as a blank slate. It is a time to draw a line under everything that happened previously and to start again. It is an optimistic time where motivation is high and anything is possible, so why not work this feeling into a cleansing ritual?

Out with the old in with the new year


Rain water and/or

cedar incense and/or

a black coloured crystal

Rainwater is associated with washing away the old and with new beginnings. For information about collecting rainwater and how to use it, please read our previous blog post.

Cedar is great for cleansing spaces of any negative energies.

Dark coloured stones such as jet, obsidian and black tourmaline are useful for trapping and dispelling negative energies. These can be energies that have been sent towards you or your own negative thoughts.

This simple ritual can be completed at any time on New Year’s Eve.

Walk through every room in your home and sprinkle a few drops of rain water throughout. Don’t forget to sprinkle some behind doors and in corners where, like dust, accumulated stale energy could be hiding.

Collecting rainwater among the flowers.

As you do this, imagine the pure rainwater trapping and dissolving anything that you do not want to bring into the new year. This could be anything from family conflict, financial trouble, self-doubt or illness. If there are any spots in your home which are associated with especially strong negative energies, make sure to cleanse those spots specifically. Imagine the rainwater forming a bubble around this energy and dissolving it.

If you have an outdoor area such as balcony or garden, do not forget to cleanse this space as well.

Alternatively, you can complete this process with cedar incense instead. Travel from room to room with your incense and imagine the smoke trapping and purifying any unwanted energies. Again, do not forget to cleanse every nook and cranny where anything unwanted could have accumulated.

If neither of these options suit you, you can use a black crystal such as jet, obsidian, black tourmaline or onyx to trap any unwanted energy. Before you start, make sure that your crystal has been cleansed and your hands are clean.

You can either walk from room to room for this process or stand in the centre of your home. Like a vacuum cleaner, imagine the crystal drawing all of the unwanted energy from your home into it. If there are any particular episodes that you don’t want to repeat into the new year, remember them clearly and see them being sucked into the crystal. If there is a particular space that is associated with especially strong negative energy, you may like to stand over it and spend a little extra time there.

Once you’ve finished your magickal vacuuming, place the crystal outside in direct sunlight and let the sun’s rays dissolve everything that is trapped inside.

That’s it! That’s all there is to this simple cleansing ritual. If you would now like to charge your home with a certain type of energy or intention for the new year, please click here for part two of this post series.

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