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Information Pamphlets

Information Pamphlets

In line with our mission to inform and educate the community and the general public and to dispel myths about Paganism PAN has created and made available several pamphlets that discuss major themes and questions about Paganism and the Pagan community.

PAN distributes them in relevant stores and at events. They are available as PDF files to be freely viewed or downloaded.

Can I help distribute these pamphlets?

Yes you can. Simply download and print the pamphlets and take them with you to pagan events, pagan / new age stores or anwhere that you think people may want them. Please be aware of the environment and only print what you need.

How can I use them?

They are useful if you need help to explain common pagan topics to people not familiar with or new to Paganism. They can also be used to help people get the information they need to find a safe way to enter and interact with The Pagan community.

For instance you may find the 'What’s So Special About The Full Moon?' pamphlet handy if you need to explain to your boss why you want to take the Full Moon off work. You might also want to give the 'Safety in the Circle' pamphlet to a Pagan friend who is too trusting of strangers.

What pamphlets are available?

The following pamplets are freely available for you to download and read. If you have suggestions for other pamphlets or would like to offer feedback, you can contact PAN via the contact links on the website main menu.

  • PAN Inc Membership and Information
    A brief explanation about Paganism and the aims of PAN Inc.
    Download/View PDF
  • What's So Special About the Full Moon?
    This pamphlet contains information about the significance of the Full Moon to Pagans.
    Download/View PDF
  • Pagan Paths: An Overview
    This pamphlet contains information about some of the main Pagan paths.
    Download/View PDF
  • Paganism and Sacred Knives
    This pamphlet explains the use and significance of the athame and the boline - the two sacred knives often used in some Pagan paths.
    Download/View PDF
  • Safety in the Circle
    This brochure has been prepared to educate people on basic personal safety and rights within the Pagan community.
    Download/View PDF
  • Skyclad: The Bare Facts
    This pamphlet has been created to educate newcomers about a facet of Pagan practices that many may find confronting or just plain weird: ritual nudity, also known as working 'sky-clad'.
    Download/View PDF
  • Truths and Tales about Paganism
    This pamphlet was written to briefly address some of the more common questions about Paganism.
    Download/View PDF
  • Wicca and Witchcraft: Which is Which?
    An educational brochure to explain the distinctions generally made between the terms 'Wicca' and 'Witchcraft'.
    Download/View PDF
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