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The Small Tapestry

The Small Tapestry is a quarterly PAN publication of material submitted by both PAN members and people from the wider pagan community. PAN provides this information packed publication to its members four times a year as part of their membership.

Our publisher and contributors use their various skills in production, editing, writing, reviewing and artistic talent to put together a purely pagan-oriented publication. The collection of original articles, poetry, artwork, reviews and research combines to educate, inform, inspire and entertain our members.

The Small Tapestry also contains our PFB’s (PAN Friendly Businesses) and Pagan Events across Australia to help Pagans network within their local community.

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Handfastings - A Guide For Couples


"Handfasting" is a self-explanatory term - the joining of a couple's hands is an ancient symbol of union between two people. It is from this very old custom we get the expression "tying the knot".

For modern Pagans and other followers of earth-based religions, a handfasting is a ceremony for those who wish to commit themselves to a loving relationship.

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Information Pamphlets

In line with our mission to inform and educate the community and the general public and to dispel myths about Paganism PAN has created and made available several pamphlets that discuss major themes and questions about Paganism and the Pagan community.

PAN distributes them in relevant stores and at events. They are available as PDF files to be freely viewed or downloaded.

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PAN Releases PAGANISM & CHRISTIANITY - A Guide for Wiccans, Witches and Pagans

PAN is pleased to announce the after more than a years worth of work for the author and from committee members who reviewed, edited and prepared the publication, Gavin Andrew PAN's Media officer has published his ebook PAGANISM and CHRISTIANITY - A Guide for Wiccan, Witches and Pagans online via SMASHWORDS. Publication of this ebook via SMASHWORDS, means the book is available in an online form, via epub format for most e-readers, via PDF, and also for Amazon's Kindle. SMASHWORDS has also seen this ebook published on the Apple iTunes bookstore and Barnes and Noble online store in the US.

About the Book:

The modern pagan revival is one of the fastest growing religious movements on the planet. Yet it continues to be misunderstood by those Christian institutions that condemn, and in some case demonize, pagan beliefs and practices.

In Paganism & Christianity, the Pagan Awareness Network's Gavin Andrew examines the reasons why paganism has traditionally been reviled, uncovering some of the lesser-known aspects of Christian history. This concise resource explores Christianity's deep entanglement with European and Middle-Eastern indigenous beliefs, and reveals the basis for Christian attitudes toward modern paganism.

More than simply an apologist or accusatory text, Paganism & Christianity challenges the reader to remove those rose-colored glasses with which pagans and Christians alike often view their own histories. Through examination of Scripture, ancient texts and the works of modern-day scholars, Gavin Andrew untangles a narrative that many Fundamentalist Christians, and some pagans, have interpreted as a spiritual war between irreconcilable enemies.

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