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South Australia Events

The Adelaide Pagan & Witches North & South Meetup Group

Where: Various locations around Adelaide

When: Weekends


Description: These Meet up groups are aimed at creating a network of Pagan/Witches who currently are working solitary but long for connact with those of a like mind. Having said that these groups are not exclusive to those working in groups.

The groups I hope will become a place where people can meet, to help each other succeed in the visions that we each have for our lives. Our members are as vast in age and experience as there types of Paganism.

We have contacts to a number of different S.A covens. Our full calendar higlights the number of Pagan events happening in and around Adelaide

This is not a working group but a starting point for many magical relationships. If you are interested check out our site and see if we are what you're looking for.

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