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New South Wales Events

PAN Inc Public Full Moon Circle Sydney

Where: Rotaract Hill Park Terminus Road, Seven Hills (Next to the station).

When: Every Full moon for a 8:30pm ritual start. Arrive early.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cost: Free

Description: This circle has been running continuously since 1997 and is a good place to meet other like minded people, find out about other events in your area and celebrate together under the moon.

Venue Details: The circle is held on the top of Rotaract Hill on Terminus Road Seven Hills NSW, just next to the train station. Getting there is easy. If you take the train, the hill is less then five minutes walk (and easily visible from the station). If you drive, there is plenty of parking available both at the base of the hill and across Terminus Road.

All dates are taken from Melbourne Planetarium to make sure they are correct for Eastern Australia.

Full Moon Dates 2014

  • Thur Jan 16
  • Fri Feb 14
  • Mon Mar 17
  • Tues Apr 15
  • Wed May 14
  • Fri Jun 13
  • Sat Jul 12
  • Mon Aug 11
  • Tues Sep 09
  • Wed Oct 08
  • Fri Nov 07
  • Sat Dec 06

Full Moon Dates 2015

  • Mon Jan 05
  • Wed Feb 04
  • Fri Mar 06
  • Sat Apr 04
  • Mon May 04
  • Wed Jun 03
  • Thur Jul 02
  • Fri Jul 31
  • Sun Aug 30
  • Mon Sep 28
  • Tues Oct 27
  • Thur Nov 26
  • Fri Dec 25



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