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Why Join PAN?

Why Join PAN?

What does your membership money get used for?

Many people believe that all you get for your membership is the Small Tapestry, and discounts at a few shops if we remember to ask for it when we are there.

There is a whole lot of behind-the-scenes, hard work and dedication involved in running a Not for Profit organisation that many members, and potential members are unaware of.

The largest single expense that the association has is insurance. It used to be mandatory that organisations like ours had cover for 2 million dollars of public liability. That was before September 11, after September 11, with the massive increases in policy costs and the amount of cover required, many associations and not for profit groups were not able to afford it. With increases in some cases, of 1000%, many were forced into shutting down.

Because of this, eventually the laws were changed, it was no longer a requirement to hold insurance and it became an option instead. However the amount changed from a minimum of 2 to 10 million dollars.

The committee decided that we would continue to remain insured for many reasons, even with the cost being almost 20 times what it was when we started in 1997.

The main reason we choose to retain our insurance is to keep our members covered, so if anything does go wrong, you, as members, would be covered. The second is so we can run and support events run by our subcommittees and affiliates.

Without insurance the Public Full Moons would all stop, Magick Happens and the Witches Ball would not have venues. Hollyfrost, Euphoria, Ritual Experience, Wemoon and many of our subcommittee's events would not be able to run as without insurance it is difficult if not impossible to obtain a venue especially from a council or government body.

There are also many running costs for the association. Last financial year we incurred costs for bank fees, stamps, printing costs, web hosting and domain names, all paid for out of membership fees.

Your membership allows us to keep running, so that when the need arises, there is a Pagan voice speaking to the media and dealing with the government. Your membership means that we, as a portion of the Pagan community do not go unnoticed or unrecognised and can have the opportunity to have our voice heard.

So even though you may not see everything your membership dollar does, it does work hard for you quietly in the background. Without your support every year we could not do what we do.

It is also important to note that all members of the committee, subcommittees and project organisers are volunteers. Nobody working with PAN gets a cent for anything. These volunteers donate their time and often their own money to further the mission of the association and to try and make our community better for all of us to be a part of.

For members that are interested in finding out more about how PAN puts your membership dollar to work, copies of the financial statements are available for viewing at the AGM each year, or can be viewed by appointment with the public officer at any reasonable time.

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